Special solutions for ships

Especially for the difficult environmental conditions on ships, we have developed cameras that are functioning properly and without fail for several years. In co-operation with a German shipyard we have produced systems that are easy to install and to operate. These cameras supply brilliant pictures under all kinds of conditions. In the following you will see only a small selection of our complete program. We should be glad to send your more detailed information. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cameras: Something all the following cameras have in common is their extraordinary optic, being adjustable by motor driven control and disposing of an auto iris lens. In contrast to more simple models you obtain optimum image results even in case of strong sunlight or during night trips.


Since January 2004!
Since 2004 we are inviting our customers to test our products live on the bunker boat of the MSG (Mainschiffahrts-Genossenschaft) in Würzburg, Neuer Hafen. There you can watch and test different camera models and protective housings. If required, the camera will be installed professionally by the MSG (located in Dorfprozelten).