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More then a rehash of the famous D70 camera, the new modell comes with new camera technology and advanced features you never sawn before. Sharper image, better colors , also in bad light conditions and of course a real day/night funtion are some points makes this camera to a new best seller. Also the mechanic is now faster (up to 100 degree horizontal/90 degree vertikal/sek.) and silent.
Learn more details at the datasheet on this side.
sony d80/d90


VISCA control panel

You can control the camera by RS232/422 with a computer or with a control panel. Our modell is realy easy to use, so aslo not trained persons are abel to command the camera in the right way without fear to do something wrong. All main funtions are integrated and you have the option to save 6 Preset positions. RS422 and 232 are on board. If you use 2 or more cameras with the panel you can order a STAR or DAISY CHAIN version. Details for this you will find on the datasheet and the user manuall on this side
visca control, sony d80/sony d90, control panel, control console

Infrared light

The D80/90 camera have a day/night switch. For using the camera at night we offer a infraredlight which can be mounted on the camera head. The light mives with the head and you will have the light always on the point where you are looking to. We offer various modells, also with build in microfons.
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Aluminium wallmount with big mounting plate for the camera. Holds the camera save when using the pan/tilt function. Adjustabel with a balljoint. The part is available in black and white color.
wallmount ,SONY d80/sony d70, sony d90, evi


rugged outdoorhousing for SONY D80/D90 series. Available as wall or ceiling version. Includet in the kit are wall (or ceiling) mount, connector box, heater, fan, vandal proof glas and the camera mounting.
domhousing, outdoorhousing, ip68, sony d80, sony d90, evi